Business Owner Masterclass

Two key areas any business owner must master if their business is to be financially sound are pricing and getting paid.These are so important that I have created online masterclasses to help any business owner learn what they need to do for their business to be proficient at pricing and/or getting paid.

Financial Health Check

I offer a free one hour financial health check meeting in Wells, or remotely via Skype or Facetime. It is designed to give you some immediate pointers to changes you can make so your business finances are healthier.

Health Check

If you would like to take advantage of this offer please email me at:

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"The content and structure of this book with its tips, actions and reflection points provides a compelling approach and understanding to the art of business finance. I like the focus on understanding what the numbers mean and how to use this information; especially pricing and getting payment artfully. I would have thought all small business owners would benefit from this book." Andrew Stinchcomb - Integrity Financial

Bright Business Money

Bright Business Money book cover

Put the FIZZ into your finances

This book is written for owners of small and medium sized companies, who struggle to manage their business finances, to give them the tools they need to run their businesses on a financially sound basis. So if you are an SME owner but the financial issues send you running for cover, this book is for you.

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