It’s Lonely at the Top

Being lonely is something most small business owners don’t admit to. But it is a real issue. They don’t often have anyone to share concerns with, or bounce ideas off of. They don’t want to trouble their family and quite frankly most friends don’t understand what it’s like running your own company. So who to you talk to? Here are some ideas…

Join a business networking group
Groups like NRG and BNI are based on relationship building. They will give you the benefit of generating customer referrals, but also enable you to get to know a variety of other small business owners who are in the same boat as you.

Employ a business mentor/coach
They are used to working with confidential issues within business. They will have worked with a wide range of small businesses and so will have a broad base of experience to help you.

Find another business owner you trust and keep each other accountable
My friend George and I have regular Skype conversations and plan what we need to do to move our businesses forward. We then have to report back. For me this works well. Why? Because, I can easily talk myself out of taking action, but George won’t take any of my feeble excuses – also I don’t want to waste his time or let him down!

Join a support group which has a boardroom format
These are formal groups where business owners get together and discuss their challenges around the table. Chatham Rules are imposed and business owners can go away with a new perspective on their issues.

Create your own support group
I belong to a group of directors who get together once a month and are focused on helping each other. We discuss wide ranging issues; from how to best take our products and services to market, to what to do if we lose focus.

If loneness is causing inaction then now is the time to do something.

Have a happy and profitable business!