Greeting the working week with a sun salutation

It’s Monday morning and my yoga class has been cancelled. I’m gutted.

For many of you the idea of spending the first few hours of your working week in downward dog with your bum up in the air might seem a luxury, but for me it plays an integral part setting me up for the week.

When I’m stressed I find it hard to focus. For me, my head feels as if it’s filled with a scribble, just like a Jackson Pollock painting. Yoga helps me see the blank canvas. It helps my attitude, my productivity and gives me the ability to focus what is really important. An hour of yoga saves me many hours of running around like a headless chicken. It’s not a luxury – It’s a return on investment.

Clarity of thinking is really important when you’re running a business. It doesn’t matter what you do to get this. Yoga may be too hippy-dippy for you. Fiona, the other half of Bright Dimension goes running. In fact her best ideas materialise whilst she is out on a run.

How do you gain clarity?


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