Pathetic planning produces piss poor performance

This was an adage of my first manager 20 years ago and although I would not voice it quite as he did, I do believe great planning is the key to business success.

Over the years there have been times when businesses I have been involved with have not produced the results we hoped for/expected. Almost invariably a key factor was that proper planning was not done, or that plans, once drawn up, were not reviewed and revised as the business developed. Conversely, businesses with clear goals, expressed in a plan which is regularly revisited find it much easier to achieve the results they want. 

I heard today from two businesses I work with who have just found out that they have reached the finals of the Somerset Business of the Year Awards. In both cases the business owners had clear goals from the outset. They knew what they wanted to achieve and have worked tirelessly to achieve it. Yes, they have encountered hurdles along the way – sometimes seemingly insurmountable ones – but their clear planning has helped them focus on what is really important to them. This in turn has helped them build great businesses.


So, if you want to succeed in business my best advice is to plan for success, rather than leaving your business in the rather fickle hands of fate.




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