To Party or not to Party?

This is a question many business owners have been asking themselves this Christmas. With the country in recession and business difficult, is it appropriate to have a staff Christmas party?

In my opinion the answer is a resounding YES!

In fact, the traditional Christmas party is more important than ever as a morale booster and a general ‘thank you’ to staff. When times are hard businesses find they have to cut back on increases in staff salaries and perks. This can leave staff feeling demoralised. A party – and I don’t mean an expensive, swanky one – can help staff look favourably on the company they work for. More than that, not having a party when you have always had one in the past, can leave staff feeling negative.

If money is tight don’t forgo the usual celebration – just look for a way of doing it cheaper. Staff are not generally interested in how much money you spend; they are more interested in the gesture. If you usually pay for everyone to have a meal and drinks in a restaurant, how about this year sharing the cost so staff pay for their food and you pay for the wine – or vice versa? Or you could cut out the middle man altogether and have a party at your house or business premises. Or how about getting them involved in how the budget is spent? Whatever you decide, explain the need for doing something less extravagant than usual and you will have your staff on your side.

Whatever you decide to do, DO SOMETHING and show your staff you are not using the recession as an excuse to play Scrooge.


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Swindon – A Town Where Dreams Come True?


It has just been announced that Swindon is being twinned with Florida’s Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World.

 Is someone taking the Mickey?

 Let’s face it, most of us, unless you’re a train enthusiast, would consider Swindon as one of the UK’s most dullest towns. The only magic thing about it is the 1970’s designed roundabout.

Rebecca Warren, a building society clerk who branded Swindon as “A place where dreams come true”, must be congratulated for her remarkable marketing of the town.

So, if the credit crunch has affected your business and you can’t afford to take your kids to Orlando this year, why not do the next best thing and put them on a bus to Swindon?


More info on the BBC website>>

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Bored working from home? Then find a jelly

One of the great things about having a small consultancy business is that I work from home. Like many of our clients, I have a perfectly appointed and very pleasant study to work from.

I also find that one of the worst things about having a small consultancy business is working from home. Some of our clients find they get distracted by family members. I don’t have that issue, but I do find that I go stir crazy being on my own sometimes. I even know business owners who end up doing their most un-favorite household chores (mine is vacuuming), instead of working.

So what can you do if you find you’re driving yourself mad seeing the same four walls? Here are some ideas?

 Go for a walk

Just getting out in some fresh are can refresh and invigorate you.

 Take some work to the local coffee shop

This is something I frequently do. My local coffee shop is bright and vibrant and I find that I am more motivated when I have a change of environment.

 Find a jelly or start your own –

Essentially a “jelly” is a group of small business owners/freelancers who find a free venue, preferably with electricity and wi-fi where they can work from for the day. I went to one in Bristol organized by Lee Cottier last Tuesday. All I had to do was bring my laptop and some work with me. Did I work effectively? Yes! In addition, I had the opportunity to meet other business owners and chat over a cup of coffee.

 Find out more information about Bristol Jelly by following @coworkingwest on Twitter.