Which World Cup Team is Your Business?

Well, it’s all behind us now!

The World Cup with all its highs and lows is over and, as always, we find ourselves dissappointed at the results.

It occurs to me that this sporting event exemplifies many of the trials and tribulations businesses come across in trying to be successful. If you have a team full of players who are only interested in themselves as individuals, it is likely you will get poor results, even if the players seem to be very talented. However, if you have a team of players who are willing to sacrifice their personal status to further the team’s ambitions, the sum becomes greater than the parts and real magic can result.

Further, it is important that the team has a clear and common vision, which is driven through by the directors. If individuals in the team go in their own direction without reference to the vision, or ignore clear management guidance, the team as a whole will suffer.

So my advice is to look at your business and decide which team you would like to be.

Will your company resemble France, or indeed England? Or will you be like Spain and hold the World Cup aloft?

Fiona 🙂

One thought on “Which World Cup Team is Your Business?

  1. Great question. I would add to it by asking. “Are you going to have fun in your particular World Cup?”.

    I was surprised that so few of the teams were having fun yet this was supposed to be the highlight of their careers.

    We only have this one life (as far as we know) and work is a large part of it so we should all make sure that there is plenty of enjoyment in our workplace.


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