It’s good to talk!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been to two networking meetings which incorporated excellent presentations – one on presenting and one on getting your message right.

At NRG we incorporate a seminar as part of the meeting so business owners can learn as well as network. Nicky Wilkins did superb presentation for us on presentation skills. Given that most of the people in the room were hardened networkers, and so experienced in presenting themselves, you would have thought that there was not much Nicky could say that would be of interest. However, Nicky’s approach was to remind us of the things we so often forget when presenting information to a room of people. He did this in a way which was lively and engaging – just the way we should do it, infact!

I am also a member of the Mendip Business Women’s forum and the topic for this month’s meeting was ‘Getting your message right’. As with the NRG meeting, this was a subject we should all be working on, so that business owners we meet, are clear on what we can do for them. Jill Green from the Referal Institute’s presentation was both entertaining and informative. Again, much of what she said was obvious, but we often forget the obvious!

Most of us belong to networking groups to meet new people and re-engage with existing contacts. However, those groups which also offer the opportunity to develop your business skills, I believe, are the best value. Additionally, if the opportunity is open to you to present yourself, it can be a superb way of promoting your skills and your business.

Fiona 🙂

One thought on “It’s good to talk!

  1. Engaging, entertaining and informative. Those are the type of presentations I like.

    I started presenting to network groups and now present to far larger audiences. Extending that particular comfort zone has worked wonders for me.

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