Can you save a life?

Last evening I attended an excellent MBWF presentation on First Aid by JaLee, at Dining Divas in Frome.

Many of us probably feel that we know what to do if someone stops breathing but, what I certainly did not realise is that, best practice is constantly changing and for us to have the best chance of making a difference, knowing the current thinking is key.

Lee and Pete from JaLee gave a very practical talk and demonstration of what you have to do to give someone CPR, but more importantly how you should deal with someone who has passed out.

I can imagine few circumstances when I might be called upon to give CPR but, with teenage boys who will, at sometime, have exposure to alcohol, knowing how to keep the airways open of someone who has passed out in a drink induced haze is something I can imagine far more readily (obviously in my mind this involves friends of said teenage boys rather than my, perfectly behaved, examples of the species!).

Before yesterday I had not realised how easy it is for someone who is unconscious to choke on their own vomit and die – maybe a couple of days after the incident itself. So being able to put them in the correct position to stop this happening is easy but crucial.

In our businesses we will have a designated first aider, but I think it is important that every one in the business have a basic knowledge of how to offer life saving first aid – you never know you might be someone’s only chance of survival!

Fiona 🙂

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