A time to say thank you!

I was at a client’s recently and their marketing manager asked if I would like to have an entry on their website as a partner. I would have some space to give their clients an idea of what I offer, along with a link to my website and my logo. I thought this was a great idea and was thrilled to be asked.

This got me thinking about great ways to thank our suppliers (or strategic partners as I prefer to call those professionals we find easy to refer because they are so great!) and have decided to have a partners page on my own website.

I will to do it slightly differently in that I will write, from the clients point of view, what I have enjoyed about working with them – I hope this will give readers more of a sense of how they would be helped should they engage them.

However, I will similarly show their logo and provide a link back to their website.

To my mind this is the least I can do for my key business partners. I know they were paid for the services they provided, but we often experience service above and beyond what is paid for in monetary value. In those cases it is appropriate to express thanks in more public ways.

Another way I like to thank suppliers is to provide testimonials and recommendations on LinkedIn – I certainly appreciate it when customers do the same for me. It costs us nothing to recommend people who have given us great service but it makes all the difference to them.

So, next time you think to yourself  ‘I am really pleased I used …. they were great!’ think how you can thank them in a way that really benefits them.

Fiona 🙂

Business is definitely personal!

How, as a business advisor who works closely with clients, how do stop yourself becoming too emotionally involved in their fate? Or is becoming emotionally involved important to providing a service which clients fully value?

This is a question I have been asking myself over the last couple of weeks. I have been working closely with two clients I have had for several years, getting their business plans up to date to present to the banks to get some extra, but vital, working capital. I have then helped them present them to the banks (and other funding providers) and waited with them as the banks took their time coming up with a decision. I have absorbed a lot of the stress of the situation and found it a very challenging time. However, the feedback I have had has been excellent and I really feel that the value the clients have had has been huge!

Now, I am sure there are many accountants, management or otherwise, who would be able to deal with the situation in a completely objective and dispassionate way.  And I am sure that they provide their clients with a good service. However, I have learned over the years that I cannot be so objective or dispassionate.

I care passionately about the businesses I work with, like and respect the business owners, and know most of the staff who would be impacted by any decision. I care deeply about whether these companies do well and meet the goals of the owners. I especially care that they are able to continue in a healthy and productive way.

It is part of the way I am and I think it is an intrisic part of what makes me tick.

So, I think I will take the stresses of sharing the difficult times with clients, so I can share in the fantastic feeling of being an integral part of their successes.

Fiona 🙂