The Mother of Invention

The saying goes that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’.I definitely feel this is so since the recession.

There are two areas in particular where I am seeing more creativity in business.

Firstly, the pressure on resources is making business owners review their spending and the way in which they run their businesses. They have realised that they cannot go on as they did when times were good. Sales are not so easy to come by and prices are continually rising. Many businesses are having to get by with lower income and this means that business owners have to be creative about how they spend their hard earned money. Every £ spent needs to be justified – nothing is spent on a whim.

This is all great stuff and I hope will lead to long term benefits for the business to carry forward when times become easier again.

Secondly, I have seen many new ideas for businesses in the last few months. This is also down to the recession. When people can count on their jobs being stable, and long term, a lethargy can descend. There is no need to be creative or to question whether you are doing what you really want with your time. You carry on in the same old way because it is easy. When times are harder we begin to look at the world in a different way.

The risks associated with employment are higher, whilst the rewards are often diminishing. This can lead to a total rethink of what we want from life. The result can be that a long held dream seems more attainable or our creative brains come up with a project we would never have considered when times were easy.

Give your inner inventor wings and see where it takes you – you may be amazed!

Fiona 🙂

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