It’s a small world!

I am constantly amazed at how small the world is.
The internet, and Linkedin in particular, has meant that keeping connected with clients and contacts has never been easier.
Take my client who is moving from Somerset to Cambridgeshire, for example. He has established a successful business down here but now has to move for family reasons. He was very worried that it would take him time to become established in his new location. However, by contacting clients he found that his network extends further than he had ever imagined. He has work set up for his first six months following the move, but not only that he has been busier than ever as clients ‘grab’ him before he leaves.
This is a clear example of how keeping clients and contacts up to date you can make transitions easier and more successful.
Not only that but I have used my network to help find him a bookkeeper in Cambridge so he is not bogged down by admin whilst he is trying to maintain momentum up there.
By nurturing the network we have already built up we can leverage it to achieve amazing things.
In the past we had to rely more on cold calling and other marketing means to get established. Now it is much easier because we are much more aware of our friends’ and colleagues’ networks and can ask for help in being introduced to contacts we know will be great for us.
Of course, once contact has been made we still need to ensure we invest in the time to nourish the relationship. We still need to have one to one meetings and engage on a personal level. However, the internet is certainly helpful in keeping us up to date on our network is up to.
Fiona 🙂

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