That Jubilee feeling!

I don’t know about you but I got a great buzz out of the Jubilee celebrations.

These Royal celebrations are something we Brits are great at, although we always surprise ourselves at how fully we get behind them. You only had to look at the crowds around Buckingham Palace and The Mall to get a full sense of the occasion. Wherever, the Queen was crowds lined the streets to catch a glimpse.

I find it incredible that we Brits, who are usually a pretty unexiteable bunch, go bonkers whenever there is a big Royal event.

Of course, we had the weather to complain about – but then it sort of made the weekend in a way that unbroken sunshine would not have done – and there was the odd comment on whether people had to take the extra bank holiday as part of their usual leave entitlement or got an extra day.

But generally it was a fantastically good natured build up and four days of events.

From a business perspective, yes a day’s work was lost but this must have been more than made up for on a national level by the resurgence of the flag and bunting industry!

Seriously though, I think these occasions where we re-build a sense of togetherness and solidarity are great for business. If we can stop thinking about our own problems – if only for only a short time – and focus instead on what we can achieve together, I think we can get through the recession and re-build our economy.

Fiona 🙂

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