Expanding your horizons

I have just got back from a fantastic conference!

It was run by and for CIMA members in practice – i.e. management accountants who run their own businesses just like me (collectively known as CIMA MiPs).

For the first time I ran one of the workshop sessions. I have to say it went down very well, although I was more nervous talking to this group of people I knew, than when I present to complete strangers!

Next year I am co-chairing the whole conference. This means organising the speakers, sponsors, venue and publicity. A big job!!

My good friend Trevor Lever asked a very pertinent question when we were talking about it – WHY?

At first I was not sure of my motivation other than I was put on the spot and could not think fast enough of a reason why not! However, over the last few days I have realised why I said yes – someone had to!

I am passionate about helping fellow MiPs and the conference is a wonderful way of doing so. As a training event for MiPs it is second to none, the networking is great and, for people who often work on their own, is a fantastic form of support.

There is also a more personal reason for getting involved. My work life can get fairly humdrum and repetitive from time to time. Having this focus away from me and onto a wider ‘community’ project helps me to get some perspective and excitement into my work life.

My horizons are expanded by making this commitment.

So if you are asked to do something outside your comfort zone, which is connected but not directly related to your business life, don’t say no right away. Think about reasons why you should do it.

We need challenges in our lives or we go stale.

Every time we take on a challenge and complete it successfully our confidence increases – and this makes us better equipped and rounded individuals.

Fiona 🙂

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