Party Planning!

I know it is still a fair few months until Christmas, and you are probably groaning inwards at the very thought of it, but bare with me.

For the last 5 years I have been organising the Billy No Mates Christmas Bash. I started it for the purely selfish reason that I had no one to have an office Christmas party with. As with many owner managed businesses I am my only employee.

To get around this problem I decided to get a crowd of my business friends, who were in the same position, to come and have lunch with me, and Billy No Mates was born.

Every time I talk to people about this office party concept they love it. But the only Billy No Mates event is the annual party in little ol’ Wells, Somerset.

So my plan is to help people across the country start their own Billy No Mates Christmas Bash. We’ve created a website which gives any interested party tips and hints on how to get started.

We can also take bookings through the site once a party is planned.

So… why not give it a go? At the very least it will enable you to have a fab Christmas party!

Fiona 🙂

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