We all love Jelly!

Last week I went to the MBWF Jelly day at Mercer Design.

For those of you who don’t know what a ‘Jelly day’ is I will explain. A group of business owners who may or may not work on their own, get together with their laptops and work together. By this I don’t mean they work together on the same project, just that they work together in the same environment.

This environment can be a cafe, hotel, serviced offices or any public space with Wi-Fi, good refreshment opportunities and space for working. In our case, the lovely building occupied by Mercer Design in Mells was perfect – and I have to say the shop does fantastic homemade sandwiches!

So why go to a Jelly?

Personally, I found it very refreshing to work in an ‘office’ environment. Normally I work alone in my cabin or at clients’ premises. Whilst clients obviously have office environments I am very aware that I am there to work and generally put my head down to get the work done.

The Jelly environment is different and much more like the working environment I enjoyed as an employee in a larger company. There was plenty of chat (as you would expect with a group of ladies) but there was also a lot of sharing. Anne, for example, wanted to get started on Twitter but was having problems knowing how to do it. Others in the group were able to help and she is now tweeting merrily.

It also was an opportunity to meet and get to know new contacts, and to re-engage with those I already knew well.

That is not to say that we did not get any ‘proper’ work done. On the contrary, I found that being outside of my usual environment helped me to be more creative and open to new ways of thinking. This was particularly useful as I needed to give some thought to my marketing plan for the coming year.

So if you have the opportunity I would recommend going to a Jelly event. They are becoming more and more popular and there is probably an event coming up in your area some time soon.

Fiona 🙂

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