My business world on a page (or four!)

Following a conversation with one of my strategic partners I realised that I had not prepared any new marketing material for some time.

He wanted something, which would clearly show people what I can do for their businesses, so that when he comes across one of his connections struggling to master their business finances he could give them the leaflet.

I have to admit I have gone through fazes of being very lazy in marketing my business, because most of my work is regular monthly accounts and forecasts. However, of course, I am always hoping to help new businesses.

So I decided I must take his lead and come up with something great!

It was quite an enlightening exercise. I have a website I am very proud of and used the look and feel and summarised various pieces of information I had there into a four page A5 leaflet.

But I had to think clearly about what key pieces of information were needed. What would business people most be interested in? Should I include testimonials? Why would anyone read at at all?

It was important to me that it was visually good so I liberally splattered it with the pictures my hubby has so expertly done for my website and guides and I think it is not a bad job!!

If you are interested please do download –  any comments would be gratefully received!!

Mastering your business finances is the key to having a successful business LinkedIn

Fiona 🙂

A little help from my friends!

In my last blog I complained of being uninspired after a long winter.

Well things have moved on a bit since then and I am feeling much more positive now. One of the reasons for this is that I have had a little help from my friends!

At a small networking event I go to at the end of each month, where I meet up with several of my key strategic partners, I complained that I was uninspired and was looking for something new.

The response was ‘Why didn’t you say? You’ve been pretty busy over the last couple of years and we thought you were full – not looking for new clients/challenges!’

A great lead has since been given to me from this group, which I think will be the type of challenge I am looking for. The same introducer has other good leads to give me if I need further new work.

As a result of the same meeting I am having a 121 this afternoon with a couple of great business people I have known for a long time to see how we can refer and work together.

What an excellent outcome from just asking for a little help.

Sometimes I think we assume our strategic introducers and contacts know exactly where we are an what we are looking for. But how will they know unless we tell them!!

It’s been a good lesson for me to remind me that it is not good enough just to talk generally about our businesses at networking events. To get real results we have to be clearer about what we need and specific about how people can help us.

Coincidentally, a couple of leads have come from my website. One was not so hot, because he was attracted by the look and feel of the site, but on reading it he realised I did not offer what he needed. However, he still contacted me just in case! I was able to refer him onto someone who could definitely help.

The second website lead could be a great in the future, but the business was not quite ready for the help the owner was considering – putting together a business plan to get bank funding. However, I was able to set him on the right path so he could make progress.

Was it that I had put out vibes into the cosmos and the cosmos has answered? I don’t think so. But I do think that we need to be open minded to receive good opportunties – and we are not always open to new challenges and situations because we are stuck in a rut.

So get out there and be positive.

Fiona 🙂