Take a little time

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 09.09.51We are all busy but I have found if I take a little time out of each working day for myself, I am not only better focussed but I am more creative too.

You may argue that an accountant (whatever the type) doesn’t need much creativity (others may argue that’s all we need!)  and it is true that we have rules and best practice – however, we also need to be creative when it comes to great solutions for our customers.

Funnily enough I have my best ideas when I am doing some form of exercise. Whether it be jumping around my living room doing aerobics, or tromping over the Mendips, my mind is free from the humdrum.

I don’t believe I would be as effective at seeing the bigger picture for my clients if I did not take time out from the detail. This means being in a state of mind to receive ideas and, for me, that happens when I am NOT at my desk.

It took me a little time to allow myself not to be ‘present’ in my office for eight hours each day. It was a hang up from working in big corporate companies where it is assumed productivity is directly related to the time you spend at your desk.

As I now run my own business it is for me to say under what conditions I will deliver the best results. It’s taken time but I now understand that certain environments are better than others for creating the results we need. Now I am much more confident in going my own way – even if it does not appear to the outside world much like ‘work’.

Of course if you come find some friends to do the exercise with – even in the rain – all the better!

Why not let yourself off the hook a little too and see where it takes you!

Fiona 🙂

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