A Christmas like no other

Gosh what a year it has been.

It has been a bumpy one to say the least and we are not yet in a situation when the immediate future looks brighter.

At this point in my year I would usually be organising the Billy No Mates Christmas lunch(the office Christmas lunch for those who do not have a staff or co-workers to have a Christmas party with) and looking forward to catching up with people I often only see at our annual get together. But not this year!

I had thought of doing a virtual BNM but to be honest I am just not in the mood for yet another ‘virtual’ event. I think I would rather catch up with everyone in a one-on-one way.

It’s a bit sad I know but I think we are all ending the year a little battered and bruised with many of us with friends and family who have been laid low – or have even died – during the pandemic. I think if we are able to get together with our immediate family to celebrate Christmas we will be happy.

Personally and professionally I have been very lucky not to be too badly hit by the pandemic. Living in Somerset has certainly meant that our lives have been much less impacted than those of you who live in cities. 

I normally do a lot of work from home so have always been set up to work in an efficient way from the house. The main difference has been my husband Jeff also being able to work from home too – which he much prefers.

However, there are many businesses across the UK that are either hanging on by a thread, or have gone under, after two lockdowns and the general restrictions imposed due to social distancing. Of course those in hospitality, sports and entertainment have been very hard hit.

But there are also a raft of self employed people, especially those who took the plunge into self employment at the start of the year, who have had real problems supporting themselves and their families.

As we go into the Christmas season I think we should spare a thought for any families who are unable to have the Christmas they deserve – for whatever reason.