Business Owner Masterclass

Two key areas any business owner must master if their business is to be financially sound are pricing and getting paid.These are so important that I have created online masterclasses to help any business owner learn what they need to do for their business to be proficient at pricing and/or getting paid.

Financial Health Check

I offer a free one hour financial health check meeting in Wells, or remotely via Skype or Facetime. It is designed to give you some immediate pointers to changes you can make so your business finances are healthier.

Health Check

If you would like to take advantage of this offer please email me at:

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Kind Words From Happy Clients

A business is only as good as its customers think it is, so I am always extremely interested in any comments my clients want to share with me. I have been fortunate to have had some very positive feedback from organisations I have helped and below are testimonials I have received from a few of my clients.

Jay Stockton – JWS Drylining

"Well... when the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to fade I highly recommend spending a day with Fiona. What a breath of fresh air and an inspiration. From the moment she is in the door its straight to business with no nonsense talk. If I had my way there would be a desk next to me with Fiona's name on it."

Paul Stephenson - Cognique

"This year has been a exciting one for Cognique with lots of positive changes in our business. But we don't like to fly blind so we asked Fiona to come in and help us with some financial modelling, including finessing our cash-flow, break-even, staff utilisation, project profitability and charge out rates.

The advice Fiona gave us at our initial (free) meeting more than covered her subsequent fees, and that is before she started on the pivot tables. The day she spent with us made us question some of long held beliefs on costing, charge rates and profitability. Going forward we have a financial plan with very clear KPIs. Now all we have to do is meet them!

If you want to run the numbers in your business without the numbers running you, Fiona is the smartest and most likeable management accountant you will ever meet."

Base Structures

"I think that Fiona is practically essential to our business. She brings a clarity of thought and level of knowledge and experience that we often don't see ourselves as we are to close to the works. I wont say we couldn't work without her input but it certainly makes our jobs a lot easier in that tricky world of financial management. Thank you for your help over the years." - Chris Ives

"When Base Structures Ltd took its first faltering steps at the end of 2001, virtually the first decision we made was to engage a competent accountant to ensure our records were 100% straight from day one. The appointment we made was a good one and Fiona has been an integral part of our team since that first day when she installed Sage on one of our two computers. Over the last 12+ years, as we have increased turnover from zero to c £5m pa, she has provided us not only with our accounting systems, but also with reliable professional advice and management information of the highest calibre. She will always go that extra mile to help, whether it be a tweak to this year’s budget or to join a meeting with the bank. She has an incredible ability to collate, simplify and explain financial data that can then be understood and used by any non-finance manager, all delivered with patience, courtesy and, most importantly round here, a sense of humour! Thank you Fi! I simply cannot recommend Fiona Bevan Financial Management highly enough." - John Dalton

Jayne Doutch - GoodCall

"If Fiona can work with me she can work with anyone - she can take a horse to water and make it drink - achieving amazing results. I'm just gutted I didn't have her help years ago - I would now be lying on a sunny beach drinking a cocktail!"

Fiona Hysom - Cameron Hysom

"Fiona has been an incredible resource and a great source of encouragement to me while I have been building my business over the years. She has inspired me to go after the more challenging work that I am passionate about and that is right for my skills and previous experience. I am very grateful for her practical help and insight."

Helen Lacey - Red Berry Recruitment

"I started using Fiona in January 2008 as my Management Accountant. I have found her to be extremely helpful, personable and knowledgable. She has really helped me look at my budget, P&L and general spend and we work very closely together getting the months and years ahead planned! Fiona also provides great support for my Finance Manager, in which her expertise and been invaluable plus she recommended an Accountant who I have decided to use, so thank you Fiona!! I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone!"

Chris Budd - Ovation Finance

"After many years of looking, Fiona has been the first person who has properly understood the flow of money within my company. She has taken the time to learn about how our fee based approach to financial advice translates into income streams, and then helped me model the business looking forward. It has been a relief to employ her, as well as a pleasure!"

Sanjeev Bakrania - Safran Office Supplies

"Fiona helped to set us up on Sage and provided a full day's training. She was excellent in providing the training with indepth Sage knowledge and very practical in helping us set up Sage for our specific requirements. Thank you Fiona and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others."

Fiona Price - Horse Hero

"Fiona is a whiz with figures as you would expect! More than that though, she grasped my business model very quickly and has helped me to interpret the data in a meaningful and user-friendly way. Following a change of strategy last year for my equestrian video website, Fiona did a major re-construction of the financials and has continued to review the model on a regular basis ever since, adjusting the projections in the light of experience which has given me peace through a stressful period of change!"

Chris Santry - Uniform Answers

"Fiona has worked on a retainer for my company for three years now to produce both quarterly management accounts and annual budgets, as well as ad hoc financial (and other) business advice whenever I seek it. I value this advice particularly when I need someone to discuss the implications of a problem/opportunity with, and she can also be relied upon to produce work to whatever deadline I set. I'd be pleased to recommend her services."

Mags Donovan - Rhodes Training & Development

"I have now worked with Fiona on several training projects and she is by far the best Financial Trainer I have worked with. Fiona is highly organised and when she says she will do something she never lets you down. Fiona has a unique skill of bring finance alive and making it fun!!"

Elaine Godley - Young@Heart

"Don't bother with the rest. Just hire the best. Fiona is awesome!"

Rachel Tyrrell - The Survey Association

"Fiona presented a seminar to our members on the importance of writing a Business Plan. She is a joy to work with and the session was a big success. Fiona knows her subject inside out and prepares very thoroughly. She is also extremely flexible and genuinely wants to make sure every attendee leaves with knowledge and helpful tools."