Business Owner Masterclass

Two key areas any business owner must master if their business is to be financially sound are pricing and getting paid.These are so important that I have created online masterclasses to help any business owner learn what they need to do for their business to be proficient at pricing and/or getting paid.

Financial Health Check

I offer a free one hour financial health check meeting in Wells, or remotely via Skype or Facetime. It is designed to give you some immediate pointers to changes you can make so your business finances are healthier.

Health Check

If you would like to take advantage of this offer please email me at:

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Help with business planning and strategy

Business Plans

A business plan is your vision of the future of your business. It is a vital tool in ensuring your business grows as you wish. Many businesses only produce business plans when they are looking for finance from their banks, but successful business owners produce them for themselves.

"We don't like to fly blind so we asked Fiona to come in and help us with some financial modelling, including finessing our cash-flow, break-even, staff utilisation, project profitability and charge out rates.. If you want to run the numbers in your business without the numbers running you, Fiona is the smartest and most likeable management accountant you will ever meet."
Paul Stephenson - Cognique

I have produced business plans both for business owners, and for their banks, and have a clear understanding of the difference!

The business planning guide below is designed to help you create a clear plan for your business. I hope you will find it spurs you on to planning for your business' success.

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Forecasting and budgeting

If you have clear financial picture of the year ahead, you are better equipped to deal with any unforeseen problems. For example, by understanding your cash flow you will have plenty of time to organise extra financing when money is tight - or to re-reorganise spending to avoid cash flow problems.

"Fiona has been the first person who has properly understood the flow of money within my company. She has taken the time to learn about how our fee based approach to financial advice translates into income streams, and then helped me model the business looking forward. It has been a relief to employ her, as well as a pleasure!"
Chris Budd - Ovation Finance

I have many years of experience in this area and can produce profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet forecasts, to help you plan ahead.

Having a robust forecast can be an invaluable tool in managing your business finances. If done thoroughly it can show where deficits in cash flow may occur and give you a clear picture of the profits you may earn if your sales strategy is successful. The guide below will help you understand how forecasting can work for you.

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