Business Owner Masterclass

Two key areas any business owner must master if their business is to be financially sound are pricing and getting paid.These are so important that I have created online masterclasses to help any business owner learn what they need to do for their business to be proficient at pricing and/or getting paid.

Financial Health Check

I offer a free one hour financial health check meeting in Wells, or remotely via Skype or Facetime. It is designed to give you some immediate pointers to changes you can make so your business finances are healthier.

Health Check

If you would like to take advantage of this offer please email me at:

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Help to understand and manage your business finances

Management Accounts

These accounts are prepared with the specific aim of giving you information to help you run your business. As such they can be prepared on a quarterly, monthly, or even weekly basis, depending on your needs.

By understanding your business and your individual management needs, I produce regular accounts that fully reflect how your business is doing.

"If Fiona can work with me she can work with anyone - she can take a horse to water and make it drink - achieving amazing results. I'm just gutted I didn't have her help years ago - I would now be lying on a sunnybeach drinking a cocktail!"
Jayne Doutch - GoodCall

Every business has key drivers known as Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. For example, how many new clients they have brought on board in the month or how long it takes they to collect customer debts. These KPIs are important to measure as part of monthly reporting and I help business owners understand what their KPIs are.

"I started using Fiona in January 2008 as my Management Accountant. I have found her to be extremely helpful, personable and knowledgable.!"
Helen Lacey - Red Berry Recruitment

To give you some pointers to help you understand your business finances I have written a guide, which you can download below.

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Customer, Product and Project Profitability

Successful businesses understand where profit is derived. This is not as simple as running a profit and loss account every month, but requires analysis of the detail behind the headlines.

In particular, it is important to understand, which customers, products and projects bring profit into the business. Such knowledge can mean future sales and marketing effort is targeted to maximise future profit.

I set up systems to provide this information regularly.

"I think that Fiona is practically essential to our business. She brings a clarity of thought and level of knowledge and experience that we often don't see ourselves as we are to close to the works."
Chris Ives - Base Structures

A key to profitable products and projects is getting your pricing right. This pricing guide is designed to help you to understand how to price effectively.

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