Are you a new, or established, MiP strugging to build the business you want?

Do one or more of these problems ring a bell?

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A MiP Handbook

A MiPs Handbook

I have written a handbook available on Amazon specifically for CIMA Members in Practice who want to build their business using the skills they have mastered as management accountants, Financial Controllers and Finance Directors.

It takes the lessons I have learned over her years in practice and collates them into an easy to read format.

A MiP Handbook: How to be a Management Accountant at Amazon

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Management Accounting Services

Jenny explains a graph

We are management accountants by training and inclination. This means we often want to build our businesses as MiPs around providing clients management accounting services.

However, many MiPs struggle to identify the key services they could offer to clients, because they fail to differentiate between what they can do and what the client values.

I have built my business by providing management accounting services to clients. I have tried and tested practices to help identify the services, which can add the biggest value to clients.

"Fiona... has inspired me to go after the more challenging work that I am passionate about and that is right for my skills and previous experience."

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Business Planning and Pricing

Michael draws a mindmap

Many MiPs struggle to identify clients who value the services they want to offer – which means they can end up going down the road of offering services outside their comfort zone, or charging low rates to get the work they want.

A big issue for MiPs is having the confidence in their proposition to sell and price effectively.

I can take you through a robust planning process so that you are very clear on the perfect clients for you. We can work through a marketing plan to attract those clients, and create processes to help you price and sell your services to prospects.

"I have known of Fiona's work for three years now and I am fortunate to have her support in developing my own business. She brings to each challenge her unbounding energy and enthusiasm."

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Creating a marketing plan

As accountants, marketing is often a side of our business we ignore or do poorly. That is why accountants who have good marketing collateral stand out from the crowd.

Newsletters can be a good start, but I think we can impress new and existing clients more by providing self-help information. I have written a raft of business guides you could brand, and distribute, under your business name.

I also have tried and tested marketing material you can brand for your business.

"Fiona has a solid skill set and applies a broad perspective to each new opportunity, taking the time to provide clarity to each situation she tackles on behalf of her clients."

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An Understanding Ear


Running your own business can be a lonely experience, as you don't have the colleague support you may have been used to when you worked in industry. Also there are not many impartial people out there with whom you can share ideas, or discuss your business concerns.

With my years as a successful MiP I can offer you a sounding board, which will be objective, and impartial, but most of all based on an appreciation of how you see your business thriving.

Through monthly one on one Skype mentoring sessions, and/or, telephone help and guidance, we can concentrate on your particular concerns as they arise.

"Fiona has been an incredible resource and a great source of encouragement to me while I have been building my business."

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So why would you work with me?


I am a CIMA MiP just like you.

I have built my business by providing management accountancy services to small and medium sized businesses in deepest Somerset.

I am a member of the global MiP panel, co-chair of the 2013, and chair of the 2014, MiP conference at Heythrop park, a practising certificate assessor and help run the South West Area MiP Group.

In short I am passionate about helping MiPs to succeed, in the fastest and easiest way possible, through personal experience.

I have made mistakes over the years, and learned from them.

I am offering a tailor made support and mentoring service to MiPs who want to develop their management accounting business to suit their lifestyle and aspirations.

You can pick and choose those services you think will best move your business forward.