Knowledge is power – get trained and improve your business

I have just been on an international VAT course in Birmingham. It was very
interesting and necessary (as a client is increasing their exporting
activities) but quite expensive and time consuming – it took a full day out
of my already over-full schedule. “Serves you right for being an
accountant!” I hear you cry.
But it got me thinking about the role of training in businesses. In larger
businesses it is often seen by employees as a bit of a skive and a waste of
time as training is often poorly targeted. In smaller businesses it can be
seen as expenditure the company cannot afford and so training needs are
ignored. However, in small companies in particular, their key assets are their
employees; their main competitive advantage is the level of service they can
give their customers. This means that having well trained staff (and this
includes the business owner themselves) is key to their future prosperity. As the old adage goes – knowledge is power. Having up-to-date knowledge of
your industry, market and the technical issues which impact your customers,
will help you maximise the value you can give – which is key to maximising
income! Further, having an understanding of key issues which impact on your business
will reduce the number of sleepless nights you have worrying about what you
might be doing wrong. So, my advice is to spend some time reviewing your business to identify
areas where you are vulnerable because you just don’t have the right level
of training, and plan to fill that gap. If you have staff, well planned training can be a real motivator as staff
feel appreciated and valued. Guess what, allowing yourself as the business
owner to get good training can be a terrific boost to your confidence too!

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