To Link or Not to Link … that is the question!

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I would like to start by saying that I never thought I would find myself writing a blog about social networking.

I am not a fan of Facebook or Bebo and tweeting, as far as I am concerned, is best left to the birds.

However, I am a fan of LinkedIn. I think it is a great platform for businesses to tell the world about what they do – it helps you link with business people you know and asking for, and giving, testimonials is easy.

It has taken quite a lot of time and effort to create my LinkedIn profile and I also spend time writing and responding to discussions within the groups I have joined.

I did all this not because I thought I would get new business from strangers, but because I wanted to keep in touch with people I already knew. We are all busy and it is often difficult to find time to meet our business contacts on a regular basis.

However, we do want them to think of us when they hear of opportunities that are right up our street.

My view of the possibilities LinkedIn can open for me has been changed this week though. I received an email through LinkedIn from someone I had never met before. They had found what I do of interest to them and requested a meeting.

The meeting was a real success! We found out that we both had skills which could help the other; we had several mutual acquaintances; and the upshot was that he has now become a client of mine.

I guess my message is that there is a big world out there. If we don’t open ourselves to the possibilities out there we could be missing a big trick.


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