Getting the NRG into networking!

As the group leader of the NRG lunch group at Cadbury House, Congresbury, Somerset, I am really interested in what makes a networking group successful.

For me it actually does not matter what the format of the sessions is; it is about the quality of the people in the room. I love NRG, because it embrasses professional business owners who are looking to build long-term referral relationships. Members end not to sell to the room (as happens in so many networking events) but concentrate on really getting to know each other. This means that when the opportunity arises they can effectively refer each other.

So, a successful group needs great members, but it also needs great guests. Guests provide the group with vitality and stop it from growing stale. If these guests become members that’s great. However, their very presence will have brought something to the lunch, even if they don’t join.

Finally, I think it is great if there is the opportunity to take time out of the business and learn something pertinent. Our half hour seminar slots are designed to do just that. I find they force me to look at aspects of my business I would otherwise try to ignore. As we all know ignoring the issue does not make it go away!

So if you agree with these points why not give NRG a go? Our website gives the dates of all up-coming meetings – there may well be one near you.

Fiona 🙂

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