Business is definitely personal!

How, as a business advisor who works closely with clients, how do stop yourself becoming too emotionally involved in their fate? Or is becoming emotionally involved important to providing a service which clients fully value?

This is a question I have been asking myself over the last couple of weeks. I have been working closely with two clients I have had for several years, getting their business plans up to date to present to the banks to get some extra, but vital, working capital. I have then helped them present them to the banks (and other funding providers) and waited with them as the banks took their time coming up with a decision. I have absorbed a lot of the stress of the situation and found it a very challenging time. However, the feedback I have had has been excellent and I really feel that the value the clients have had has been huge!

Now, I am sure there are many accountants, management or otherwise, who would be able to deal with the situation in a completely objective and dispassionate way.  And I am sure that they provide their clients with a good service. However, I have learned over the years that I cannot be so objective or dispassionate.

I care passionately about the businesses I work with, like and respect the business owners, and know most of the staff who would be impacted by any decision. I care deeply about whether these companies do well and meet the goals of the owners. I especially care that they are able to continue in a healthy and productive way.

It is part of the way I am and I think it is an intrisic part of what makes me tick.

So, I think I will take the stresses of sharing the difficult times with clients, so I can share in the fantastic feeling of being an integral part of their successes.

Fiona 🙂

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