What do you resolve?

Once again it is that time of year when we all resolve to be better in the New Year.

Unfortunately, it is not the done thing to make resolutions for others – as Karen in Outnumbered tried to do – so I cannot resolve for my sons to keep their rooms tidy or to play on their computers less. So I will have to stick to resolutions for myself.

As with many of you top on my list is to get a bit more active and eat more healthily after the Christmas excesses. I would also like to budget better on a personal front and stop being tempted by sales and other tactics employed by shops to part us from our money.

On a business front I am going to try to blog more consistently – once every two weeks will be my target.

To be honest though, I think January is the worst time to make big promises to ourselves to change. The dark days and miserable weather are not conducive to positive thinking – and I certainly think winter is the worst time to try to lose weight.

So my advice to anyone who is thinking of giving themselves big challenges in 2012 is to make some small resolutions in January and then aim to start making any big changes in the spring.

I find that by saving big things to March/April the positivity induced by the lighter days and better weather helps to ensure my resolutions get off to the best possible start. I am not saying that I always keep on the right course, but I certainly stay in it longer than I would do if I started in January!

Good Luck

Fiona 🙂

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