Is now YOUR time?

Over the last month or so I have been asked to help 4 business owners with planning for their business success.

One of these is a brand new business startup, whilst the other 3 are business owners who are planning to change their business model or want to expand.

As I am used to doing one off business planning for 2-3 businesses a year, this increase in interest has got me thinking. Are more people starting, or expanding their businesses; are more business owners accepting the need to have a proper plan; or am I just more effective at getting my message out there?

My suspicion is that it is a bit of all three. However, I am particularly interested in why, in a recession, more people are thinking of starting, or expanding their businesses, when all the  newspapers are trying to convince us that the economy is in meltdown. Surely now is the time to hunker down and protect what we have?

Well not necessarily. It is often when times are good that we are most resistant to change. When we are in our comfy safe jobs, earning comfy salaries, we are at our least creative. Why plan for an exciting future when you are bumbling along quite happily as you are?

It is when our comfy lives are threatened, or ripped apart, that we are most likely to explore new avenues. We have less to lose and more to gain.

So if you have been toying with a new idea or want to breakout on your own perhaps now is YOUR time.

But please remember to have a proper plan. Make an informed choice about whether to jump or not and make sure yours is not one of the many small businesses who fail.

Fiona ­čÖé

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