It’s a good day when the sun shines!


How many of us are thrilled that the sun is finally starting to put in an appearance. I certainly am!

Don’t we feel better about our businesses when the sun shines?

But what tangible effect does the weather really have on most of our companies?

Unless you are involved in tourism, swimming pool construction, or possibly seasonal clothing, there is really no reason for sudden optimism when the weather is good –  the economy is unlikely to change overnight just because it isn’t raining. Nor are customers, which weren’t there yesterday, suddenly going to materialise today because they won’t get wet coming to your office – although being in Somerset they might have more luck getting to you once the floods a gone!

And yet we do feel more positive and can often see a change in our business fortunes. Whether this is because, in feeling better about the world, we are more open to opportunities or because good weather encourages us to take a more proactive view, is difficult to say.

Actually it does not matter. In my view anything which encourages us to get out of bed with a spring in our step, ready to face the challenges we will inevitably face in our working week, is a good thing.

So maximise the benefits of this positivity: walk to meetings where possible; take a stroll at lunchtime so you can re-energise; and generally get out! We Brits know the sunshine won’t last for ever so make the most of it whilst it’s here.

Fiona 🙂

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