How best to connect, too!

When you attend networking events how do you view your role? Do you plan in advance so you know what you want to achieve? Or do you just pitch up and hope for the best (this was certainly my approach until recently!).

Many of us spend fairly large sums becoming members of networking organsations and believe that in spending that money we are investing wisely. For our money, we get the opportunity to meet lots of people some of whom will, hopefully, help us move our business forward. However, we can make our investment work best if we just put in a little effort.

For example, if we invite guests along to our group, we can add value to our contacts by introducing them to other group members – and obviously the group as a whole benefits too. And after all, if you have invested your hard earned money in attending a group you believe is great for your business, why would you not want to spread the word? But how many of us take the time to make this relatively small committment to the group?

Another way of increasing the benefits of being a member of a networking group is to help in the running of it – with the added benefit that your membership is often free if you do so! When you go to an event who are the people you remember? I think they are the people are introducing speakers, or presenting in some way. You could be that person!

Since my last blog, which was on networking (rather portentiously), a new opportunity to increase my networking profile has arisen. I now run the NRG lunch meetings at Cadbury House. For me the reasons for taking on this challenge are:

– I believe that NRG offers a great forum for networking in a way which encourages long term relationships.

– I want share the benefits of NRG membership with my contacts so we can all extend our business networks.

– I want to help lots of new people discover this great way of building their business network.

– In running the group I am able to maximise my personal benefits from membership. My personal profile is increased and I will have the opportunity to get to know group members in a more focused way.

How about taking on a role yourself in your networking group – even if it is just inviting more guests?

Good Networking!

Fiona 🙂

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