Wow – what a spectacle!


As Chad Le Clos’s father Bert would say it was ‘unbelievable’.

The Rio Olympics was fabulous for Team GB and nearly everyone I have spoken to has been glued to the TV watching their exploits. Of course there were the events we expect to do well in – the track cycling and rowing – and indeed our athletes delivered here.

But there were also the events we did well in that we would never have expected to. The men’s gymnastics was incredible, our hockey girls also won gold for the first time. Then there was the trampolinist who just couldn’t believe her silver medal performance.

Of course there were disappointments – I think we won the prize for the most 4th placed athletes – but overall the consensus seems to be that the team delivered much more than was expected.

Whatever the result there were some key themes which came out of the interviews with both winners and losers: the hard work that goes into preparing for an Olympic Games; the role of the ‘backroom’ team in coaching, supporting and facilitating competitors; and the sacrifices family often have to make.

In short enabling even individual competitors to compete at an Olympics is a team effort.

In business too any successful business owner will have a team around them supporting their decisions and lending the expertise the business owner themselves does not have. There is obviously the support from within the business from key staff. It is vital that everyone in a business contributes to the business success and that the right people are in the right roles.

As well as great staff successful business people cultivate a team of professionals, suppliers, regular customers and introducers around their company.
This support network helps the business to thrive even when conditions are challenging. Just because you are the MD does not mean that you have to know everything about all aspects of business – as long as you have a team around you who can fill in the gaps and help you make the right decisions for your business.

Fiona 🙂

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